About the Recording

American Treasures offers refreshingly unique renditions of early American songs, hymns, and ballads on Classical Guitar. The 70-minute long collection includes songs of the frontier, the music of Stephen Foster, songs from the Civil War, spirituals, and songs of patriotism.

Songs of liberty like My Country 'Tis of Thee, The Star-Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful, are performed with gentleness and sensitivity. There are also special arrangements of the Marine, Navy, Air Force, and Army Hymns along with Battle Hymn of the Republic

"..one of the nicest guitar albums Iíve ever heard. You honor these great melodies with sensitive, soulful playing."

--  El McMeen, guitarist

Inspirational Music

These stirring instrumental renditions of early American music will move the heart, setting a mood for reflection. The collection was designed to stir feelings of patriotism and be a tribute to the men and women who helped to obtain and preserve our American freedoms.

A Treasury of Information

The program notes are extensive. The CD includes a 10-panel booklet that gives interesting information on the stories behind the music and provides a remembrance of the price that was paid for Americaís freedoms. 

The CD liner notes also contain a collection of famous quotations that shaped America: inspirational words by George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln, and others.

" The songs sound beautiful. Your arrangement of these classic songs is moving. The liner notes give great information concerning the origins of the songs."

-- G. Steve Kinnard - New City, NY

 Ideal Background Music

This recording of inspirational patriotic music is ideal for setting a mood of reflection for events commemorating our nations heritage: Independence Day, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veteransí Day, Flag Day, and other special events that call for remembrance. The peaceful nature of this instrumental collection also makes it ideal background music for dinners, receptions, graduations, and other special occasions.

"American Treasures is a definitive collection of the songs that have become an essential part of the fabric of our flag and of this great country of ours."

-- Sherwin Mackintosh - New York City

 An Ideal Gift

For loved ones presently serving in the military, retired military, veterans, or for anyone who loves this country. A must for anyone who appreciates the history of our great nation and its spiritual heritage.

"The summer release couldnít have come at a better time when we are all feeling the need to celebrate being Americans. I have shared your tape with friends in Pennsylvania. It has a universal appeal to people of all ages from my 6 year-old son to his grandparents."

-- Carla Fierri - Waldwick, NJ

 Ideal Music for the Classroom

An excellent resource for elementary, middle school and high school teachers to play in their classrooms. An ideal educational supplement for any unit on American history. American Treasures includes extensive historical background information on the composers and circumstances surrounding the origin of the songs. 

For Personal Enjoyment

There are serene renditions of inspirational songs and ballads that reflect our nationís heritage. Whether for personal listening, relaxation, or for helping to set a reflective mood, this recording will be enjoyed for years to come.

Historically, in times of war and hardship, patriotic music has played a significant role in expressing courage and building morale. Interestingly, this recording project began ten years ago during the Persian Gulf War and was just completed in August of 2001. At this time in our nationís history, American Treasures can provide encouragement, comfort, and inspiration to all listeners. 

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