The History behind the Recording

The Inspiration behind American Treasures

The idea of doing a collection of American patriotic melodies on classical guitar began while living in Boston one snowy January back in 1991. While watching a news broadcast on the war in the Persian Gulf, the sight of American troops leaving home to help protect another country stirred up feelings of patriotism within me that had been lying dormant for a long time. Thinking, what can a Boston subway musician contribute to this cause, I began to arrange some American patriotic classics. The artist in me attempted to wake up the American in me by recapturing musically the spirit of the compositions. Around that same time a friend gave me a book "The Rebirth of America", an intriguing account of the spiritual roots behind the birth of our country. Putting things in perspective, I began to realize how I, like so many others, had taken for granted the price paid for the freedoms I enjoy as an American citizen. Those fifty–six courageous men who signed the Declaration of Independence were not just using high-sounding rhetoric but were, like the Pilgrims, radical men, risking every valuable possession for what they believed was right. They put their lives on the line for everyone who would ever live in this country. Liberty for them was more important than their material security and they were ready to give up everything to obtain it for posterity. They paid a price and freedom was obtained.

It is my sincere hope that this recording, this web site, and the articles, will be source of encouragement to others to uphold the principles and convictions that gave us the freedoms we have been granted in this great country called the United States of America. Its been a privilege to arrange these great melodies for solo guitar and learn the stories behind their origins. It’s my pleasure to pass what I have learned on to others. God has blessed our nation in many incredible ways. Just travel abroad and you’ll be reminded of that fact. It is my hope that this recording will not only be a source of peaceful relaxing music, but that it will bring to our remembrance some of the principles that contributed to the foundation of this country. May this music inspire, bring a sense of peace, and encourage the hearts of all that listen.

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