Answers to the quiz

1. What song title was selected by its composer after looking at an atlas?

A.Old Folks at Home (a.k.a. Swanee River) by Stephen Foster It was originally composed for the Christy Minstrels who requested a ballad with the name of a river. After looking at an atlas, he found the name "Swanee," a river that runs down through Florida.

2. What famous patriotic song was given a melody that was an old English drinking tune?

A. Star Spangled Banner. The search for a suitable tune to go along with his words led to the selection of a very popular tavern song, "To Anacreon in Heaven."

3. What brilliant American composer wrote over 200 songs and yet suffered from depression and alcoholism, and died at the age of 37 ?

A. Stephen Foster

4. Which song did George Washington request played when the British surrendered to the Colonists at Yorktown? This song was originally conceived by the British to belittle the colonial soldiers

A. Yankee Doodle

5. What song was sung by early American seamen to ease their pangs of homesickness

A. Shenendoah

6. What popular song was often associated with the gold rush of the 1850ís ?

A. O Susanna (1846) was Fosterís first successful hit song, written when he was 20. It became the theme song of the California gold rush (1849).

7. What confederate tune did Abraham Lincoln favor and have played at the end of the civil war at Appomattox ?

A. Dixie

8. What popular song became a smashing success in the South with the confederacy and yet was written by a Unionist ?

A. Dixie

9. What well-known hymn was composed by a former slave merchant who later became a preacher?

A. Amazing Grace

10. What American song made the Hit Parade 87 years after the death of its composer?

A. I Dream of Jeanie with the light Brown Hair

11. What melody more countries as a patriotic air than any song ever written have used?

A. My Country Tis of Thee

This anonymous melody first appeared in its present form in 1744 and has been used for a variety of patriotic songs including the British "God Save the King."

12 What song was composed directly in response to a request by Abraham Lincoln to inspire more men to enlist for the Union army and was successful ?

A. The Battle Cry of Freedom. 1861. George Frederick Root composed this rallying song in response to President Lincoln's appeal for more volunteers to enlist in the Union army.

3. What song has its roots in the south and yet became a great marching song for the Union army? (The lyrics were rewritten by the wife of an army doctor.)

A. The Battle Hymn of the Republic by Julia Ward Howe

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