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The Artistry of the Guitar

Bringing to life the accomplishments, past and
present of the versatile strings of the guitar
Guitarist: Phillip Lester

"You see the guitar is polyphonic, unlike the violin or cello. That is why I love it. It is like looking at an entire orchestra through reversed binoculars. It is condensed down into those six strings.

With the guitar you have all the timbre and all the color you have in the orchestra."

-- Andres Segovia

The Artistry of the Guitar is a presentation of guitar music from the Renaissance to the present with selections composed by today's most popular guitarists. The performance is accompanied by brief historical sketches about the guitar and famous composers.

An Ideal Program for: Libraries Student Activities Programs for universities and community colleges Conference Entertainment events Municipal Arts Councils Community concerts Cultural events programs Music School Programs High School and Jr High / Middle School Assemblies PBS specials

For more information and free brochure contact:

Phillip Lester ()973-748-4490 or send an email