Carols History Quiz

Q. 1. Which popular Carol is known also as the “Portuguese hymn.”?

Q. 2. What carol began as a poem by a newspaper editor and later was put to  music by a blind composer ?

Q. 3. The words for this carol were written by a minister and reflect the impact of  the civil war. The melody came from another man who originally titled the composition “Study no. 23”. 

Q. 4. Which American carol do people credit Martin Luther for writing although  he was not the composer?

Q.  5. Which carol has its origin in a Gregorian Chant.?

Answers 1- 5

Q. 6. Which carol had a composer who was a poet, composer, church rector, and designer of stained glass windows?

Q. 7. What popular carol was initially met with criticism from French church  officials who denounced it for its "lack of musical taste and total absence of  the spirit of religion."

Q. 8. What carol has lyrics written by a minister in 1730 but was matched with music 100 years later composed by Felix Mendelssohn?

Q.  9. Which Carol has an unknown origin but is mentioned in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."?

Q  10. What famous carol was composed on Christmas eve for the morning service but could not be performed on the church organ because it was broken and therefore a guitar was used for accompaniment?

Answers 6-10
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