“Heartfelt, uplifting renditions of 28 Christmas Carols.  Guitarist, Phillip Lester skillfully weaves these melodies. Over an hour of gentle instrumental guitar music."

“Lester tends to stress the simplicity and sheer beauty of a melody...”

  - The New England 
  Performer Magazine
“After hearing you play, I feel like I just had a massage.”
  -  Rudy Pensa. 
  Owner of Rudy’s Guitars 
  48th St, New York City

“ Your arrangements are incredibly beautiful, very heartfelt music.”
“Your music is terrific. Its like sitting next to warm fireplace.”

- Tom McCarthy, 
Radio Station WDBO  Orlando , FL

“ I have been in the best mood since I put your tape in my machine.”

- J. Garafano, 
  Maplewood, NJ

“I’m going to get a CD for my boss, we could use something like 
this in our office.”

“Dear Phillip, thank you so much for the soothing, relaxing tapes. I’ve played them frequently especially after I received my chemo treatments. I think the tapes are stress release for my grandchildren and husband also. They were great during the holidays.” 

Here is what people are saying about the new Carols CD:

"Thank you SO much for your beautiful music!
I was blessed with the gift of your music by my friend who was my "Secret Santa" for our Department grab-bag! It's difficult to express the enjoyment my husband and I have had from listening to your CD of Christmas music...if CD's can wear out, mine will be the first! I play it in the car to-and-from work, I play it on my computer during the day, and I pop it right into the player when I get home at night! I have LOTS of Christmas music, but your has become my absolute favorite."

"I received your Carols CD today. A most remarkable recording of Christmas carols and a wonderful addition to my holiday music! Thank you for sending it so quickly. "

"I just recieved your Christmas CD, thanks, it is wonderful...great relaxing praise guitar music ... you can catch yourself singing in your heart to the Lord...even while there are people and activity going on all around."

Hope the music enriches your holidays and brings much peace - Phillip

For more information call (973) 748-4490 or online at www.guitarartistry.com/calendar

online ordering available at www.cdbaby.com/lestermusic2

A repeated comment of listeners is the music's suitability for a variety of situations.  While driving, decorating the tree,  dinning,  or whether in the classroom, office, and the workplace, it helps set a relaxing mood. During the hectic holiday rush, this recording can reduce stress and offer something special to vitalize your holidays.


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